Bonjoure! We're still a bit messy here, watch your step

Hello grandma.... it's me.... Kalmia. I'm opening this up now for real and sharing it! There are a few things that still need to be filled/finished (like the links page), but those will come as I do stuff. This place will be a chill little home that is HOPEFULLY interesting to at least like, one other person. My art goes in the gallery and my about page will be cool and mysterious (and practical). The links page is self explanatory (...just like the other pages....) but on there will be things like mutual neocities friends, links to sites (NCities and otherwise), and credit links. Maybe some other ones too who knows, there's so many types of links out there...

What kind of art is here? Is it worth looking at?

Well, I enjoy it! But also I try not to look too hard at something I'm posting on the internet... otherwise I'd never show a single person. I've got the art rot of perfectionism tainting my every movement and I'm looking to cure it by squeezing my eyes shut tightly and pressing some buttons.

My art is gay, both sfw and nsfw, contains themes of bondage, a lot of it probably is goth bc I'm Gothic (I stick my middle finger up), and I'm writing a Story about a metal band who are all bisexual (or smth) and that's also gay and gothic and nsfw with themes of bondage. The story will have Art in it also, probably very sporadically. I have a lot of plans for character art for outside of the story itself though! And a LOT of wips.

Any of the sexual content will be full of values and morals (of the homosexual kind). Though while I consider it tame, it IS technically bdsm and kink type of content. Rope bondage is probably one of the biggest themes you'll see, maybe a few themes of control (D/s) and ofc nudity. There is NO sexual violence. If you consider all bdsm to be horrible violence then this probably isn't the website for you.

Older Updates:

June 16th - I did a lot of structure work today! Mostly just on creating pages and getting link paths going in a user friendly and convenient way. Sometimes coding is a land of discovery and flow, which it was today! I'm still figuring a lot of stuff out but it's all starting to look cohesive. Also update from the 12th, I have finished a task! Maybe a few of them. What a relief lol : )

EDIT: It's later in the day and I've finally figured out how to do... something close enough to how I want the gallery to function! 90% of the heavy lifting for that came from a website. It'll be in the credits section, once I make one of those!

June 12th - Hello I'm once again doing nothing on my to do list! Except for my website to do list of course. A completely different list from what I really ough to be working on.

Would be good to finish a task one day. Mostly I'm just fixing up the text so far and I want to start putting in the bones for the gallery so I can start actually putting content on here!

May 30th - I'm supposed to be doing literally any of the millions of things I'm supposed to be doing. But it's a sunday and it's hot as fuck out and so I'm gonna make it hotter in here by coding so fast my fingers start blazing. I created a bunch of new pages (two of them!) and gave them the same bones as all of the other ones (two of those too!). I have four beautiful bouncing pages filled with lorem ipsum and notes to myself in the sidebars. Can't wait to put a billion fucking blinkies in here!!!! (May 20th update part 2: I have talked about things on the home page now! Grogeous.... groundbreaking... effervescent ... also bullied myself on the audience's behalf on my about page if you want to see me answer some regular questions with dumb answers Heart Emoji)

May ?th - I forget which day it was but I rearranged the guts of this machine a bit. With my words ofc

May 01st - Happy May Day! Can you believe on this day this site was all about sonic the hedgehog? Today I created the background and sidebar image. Then tied this site in knots until I broke the back of the frame in the way I wanted to (read: I was trying something else but it wouldn't work and this works too for now). And I changed the apperance around a bit! Goodbye sanic I'll catch you later